Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why open borders won't work

The illegal immigration debate will go on until its apologists understand this: The United States has the right and obligation to reserve for its own citizens the finite resources (e.g., water, land) here already, as well as ration the infrastructure (e.g., highways, utilities) put in place by the efforts of our parents and ourselves. Absolute open borders is an infeasible idea because there is only so much of the USA to go around.

If even if this weren't true, the current federal entitlement programs make it impossible to fairly adjudicate beneftis for anyone granted amnesty. Sure there is some room for more. But how much more? Through what process? By what requirements? These are the questions we should be debating, not whether we should teach English as a second language in our public schools.

We are a generous nation to allow a process by where thousands can become naturalized citizens each year. Even so, we are almost niave by allowing abuse of the birthright citizenship by those here without invitation. And we have failed our own citizenry and our legal guests and even those here in defiance of the rules by ecouraging those here illegally to be here with free education, free health care and work in an underground economy.The only tax paid by those here illegally are sales taxes and those are paid quite frugally, if at all. Illegals mostly buy food which is not taxed. They buy few clothing items and miser other supplies. They underpay property taxes by crowding into apartments and trailers. The large portion of illegals who are paid cash do not pay Social Security taxes or Medicare taxes, let alone income taxes.

Stop the madness. Deport a few hundred a day until they're gone. Fine, then close down employers after a third strike. Stop rewarding rule-breakers with mostly free education and other free services.

Might prices go up as wages go up in the short run? Maybe. But there are things we can do to minimize any negative economic impact like repealing the minimum wage. But that is another post.


Rod said...

You had me until "deport a few hundred a day". What is the US?... a people moving company. Deport them back all over the world? That is silly. Make the compamies who hire the illegals determine where they came from and make the companies pay to send them back. The source of JOBS is the core problem.

Lisa said...

I am with Rod. The source of jobs is at the core root of the problem. But if we peel back the onion to take a deeper look...

Hhhmmm, who is going to do the jobs that illegals do now? The jobs that many would NEVER consider?

Landscaping, cleaning services, hard core labor-intensive jobs, that EDUCATED US citizens feel are beneath them?

US citizens justify collecting "unemployment" versus getting of their a _ _ . Look at the big picture. What about the reality of how "educated" credit extended U S citizens wouldn't consider working in jobs that are beneath them? Waiting for the next job oppty that suits 'their level'?

This is about human nature and the conditioning of our society. Arrogance, self-indulgence, feeling "better" and above another human being.

Open borders can work and of course there is a price to pay for arrogance. Who ever uses the services of these "companies" that hire "them" and create the demand for these services should pay.

...we all need to look in the mirror.